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Dvora Rotter


Rabbanit Dr Avigail Rock was our beloved teacher and friend. I, along with the women of Chashmonaim, was privileged to learn with her for the last ten years, and gained so much from her classes, and from her as a person. She knew so much and shared with such joy and energy. Avigail made every student feel like a friend, though our lives often only intersected once a week. And we feel this loss so acutely as a result, perhaps more than we have a right to. There is so much more I wanted to learn from her, about Torah, emunah, educating, facing illness and adversity,  parenting, making a difference in the world… But that is the selfish side. What I most wanted, and davened for every day, was for her to be strong and healthy and live many years enjoying her family, who she loved so much and took so much pride in. May they be comforted. Avigail was courageous and passionate and wise and generous and knowledgeable and kind and inspiring. It truly feels like there is a hole in the world.
From Dvora Rotter, Chashmonaim