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Kaden Harari


Dear Rabbi Rock and family,

You don’t know me but I had the honor and privilege of learning with Avigail a”h during the last 2 years
of Yeme Iyun in Herzog. My friend who comes from the states and I sat riveted in her class on
ירושלים של זהב, (my favorite song);  and now whenever I hear that song I listen to it
with a much deeper understanding of each word and phrase.

Her love and passion for Torah  poured out of her, she was a teacher par excel-lance.  She will be sorely missed
not only among her family, friends and community, but throughout the Jewish world at large. We can only hope to
keep learning from the work she left behind and emulate that fiery passion with which she taught.

May your family know no more sorrow.
תנוחמו מן השמיים

Kaden Harari