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Rivkie Lamm


Dear Mishpachat Rock,

I’m sorry that I cannot visit you personally in Bet Shemesh.
My heart goes out to you all, I can never imagine your sense of pain and loss. Please know that Avigayil lives on in so many of us who were beneficiaries of her teachings. 
I live in NY but had the opportunity to spend a year learning at Matan (2 years ago) and had the Zechut to learn Torah from your beloved wife and mother.
 I recall the excitement and enthusiasm that Avigail, a”h had when teaching us about Even Ezra. I was amazed as I had always found this Parshan to be so difficult.
It was from Avigayil that I learned the word Balshanit. With her astute insights  and sharpness she truly had the qualifications of a detective, decoding and understanding the most complex ideas.
I’ve benefitted from her work on Rashi on the VBM .
I also listened to Avigayil’s teaching of the end of Sefer Bereishit through Tanach Study. Beyond being so thorough it was inspiring. Her discusssion of Yosef and his brothers was so magnificent that I forwarded the recording  to my nephew whose name is Yosef.
I recall clearly her beautiful Shiur on Yerushalayim Shel Zahav, her connecting the words of Naomi Shemer to their Tanach sources.
She truly made a significant impression on me.
In addition to her  excellence as a teacher, Avigayil was a beautiful and sensitive human being caring deeply about Kavod Habriyot.
I only wish that I had had more opportunities to learn from her and be in her presence.
May Hashem grant you all Nechama. May you be sustained by good memories .
Rivkie Lamm