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Sharon Kleinerman


I learned with Avigayil for many years. She had a profound impact on me as a person and on my growth in Torah learning.  

There are 3 stories that stand out right now.
I remember one class Avigayil was not feeling well.  She felt very faint ,  and needed to stop teaching.   Mada was called and they brought to the hospital for some tests.  
My friend Susan Triester and I ,  sat outside Netzach Menahem and continued to learn together. 
Later,  I sent Avigayil an email to ask how she was feeling.   She said better, but what made her the most happy was to see her 2 students continuing to learn . It was so real,  her students’ learning brought her so much joy.
Second,  our families have a mutual friend.  
He would attend Avigayil’s classes regularly. Because of budgetary reasons,   he had to stop. When she heard about it,  she made sure that he would be able to continue.  It was so  greatly important to her that the offer was made to him in a dignified way.  With others, she worked out a way that he could continue  without feeling  that he wasgetting a “hand out” .
Third,  our children were in Bnei Akiva together.   Once my daughter gave a פעולה to the madrichim.  Apparently,  the discussion made a real impression on her son and he shared  it with  the family.   Avigayil sent me an email to tell me that and to thank my daughter.  What a  special way to encourage and to give such nachat to parents .
I loved her shiuirim.  Iiked to prepare before her class so she would often send me material before.  I was so disappointed when my work schedule changed and I  could not continue attending her morning classes. 
I offer my deep condolences to her family  in this tremendous loss. 
May you be comforted among the mourners of Tzion in Jerusalem. 
Sharon Kleinerman