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Tamar Genuth


When I think of Dr. Avigail Rock, I think of the word, Brilliant. Way beyond her times. Taking Dr. Rock my year in Tiferet was one of the most intriguing and fascinating classes I’ve taken throughout my Yeshiva career. Her take on Torah, and the knowledge she had at the tip of her tongue was out of this world. Out of the kindest of her heart, she agreed to let the few girls in our class come over to her house on Thursday nights to learn that weeks Parasha. Taking her own personal time, a Thursday night when most people are preparing for Shabbat, shows how incredible and devoted Dr. Rock was to her students. Just being in a room with Dr. Rock for second, you can tell she lived and breathed Torah and Eretz Yisroel.
Her name alone, represented who she was; a rock, a pillar, and firm believer in the Torah and the Jewish people.

I was incredibly privileged to be able to sit in a room and learn Torah from Dr. Avigail Rock for one whole year. Even if it had been for one day, her knowledge and brilliance would’ve impacted my life tremendously!

-Tamar Genuth