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Yvette Finkelstein


Dear Rabbi Rock and the Rock family,
With my heartfelt and sincere condolences to you on the loss of your wife, mother and amazing scholar, Dr. Avigail Rock.
I was humbled to be able to meet with Avigail several months ago when I was visiting with my daughter, Penny Harow Thau, in Beit Shemesh.  Avigail was ill at the time and we had some meaningful, important conversations.  I hope I was able to provide some comfort.
Avigail Rock spoke in New Rochelle as part of the WIJS series (Women’s Initiative for Jewish Studies) at YINR.  Then, she returned at a later date, due to popular demand, as a distinguished scholar-in-residence for Shabbat.  She was an outstanding teacher and lecturer.  She spoke many times on Shabbat and each time she spoke she exhibited an enthusiasm and knowledge of the Torah that was inspirational and moving.
I was able to enjoy Avigail as more than a scholar, but as a friend, mother and wife.  She always delighted me with her insights.  Even when she was ill, she maintained her sense of humor and her faith.  I know that she leaves all of you with great sadness. It must have been so difficult to watch her suffer.  But, her love for Rabbi Rock and for the children gave her the strength to be with you as long as Hashem allowed that to be.
With profound sadness and wishes for you to find solace in her wonderful life.
T’hi Zichra Baruch,
Yvette Finkelstein
New Rochelle, NY