Shira Lebovitz

Students Dear Rock Family, I wanted to take the opportunity to give you my perspective on Avigayil, as another one of her many devoted Talmidot, who also had the privilege of seeing her as a member of our community. My connection with her began way back when I was 14 years old and, enamored with […]

Leah Rosen

[elementor-template id=”148″] Leah Rosen In honor of Rabbanit Dr. Avigail Rock – Ten Life Lessons I learned from Avigail   Today I want to share a few little pearls about Avigail from my experience as Avigail’s student for many years, and also from my personal relationship with her outside of the classroom.   In truth […]

Dahlia Lebovitz

[elementor-template id=”148″] Dahlia Lobovitz Student Thoughts on Avigail I heard the news when I was in camp. Away in far off Nahariyah, I was unaware that Avigail’s situation had worsened past the weakness my mother had described in the weeks leading up to her passing. When my mother told me the news I refused to […]

Lisa Bloomberg

[elementor-template id=”148″] Lisa Bloomberg Student- Friend July 9, 2019 Tuesday morning shuir with Avigail  I don’t really know where to begin and I don’t know why I think I deserve to speak of such a great person. I do know that I am one of many avelim today, and forever. I hope this will give […]

Nomi Isenberg

[elementor-template id=”148″] Nomi Isenberg Student Dear Rock Family, I write this short tribute in memory of my beloved teacher, Avigail, z”l, your wife and mother. She was the consummate educator – and I say that as someone who has been in the field of education for 40 years – but way beyond that, she was […]

Rikky Brickenstein

[elementor-template id=”148″] Rikki Bruckenstein Student There are number of only positive things I have to share about Dr. Rock. Whether it was her knowledge of tanach, to the way she taught us. However, there is one story I would like to share. I was devastated over be loss of Dr.Rock, a Torah giant, and I […]

Joslynne Halybard

[elementor-template id=”148″] Joslynne Halibard Student In memory of a dear friend, role model, teacher and scholar, Avigail Rock z”l.   Avigail influenced my desire to grow in Torah learning beyond the walls of the classroom. Her ability to draw on literary and artistic examples in parallel to teaching Tanach spoke to me and spurred me […]

Tzipora Hornstein

[elementor-template id=”148″] Tzipora Hornstein Student To the entire Rock family,I don’t know where to begin. I know my thoughts will be disjointed but I cannot seem to think straight. My name is Tzipora Hornstein, one of Avigail’s students for the past 10 years in Chashmonaim. For 10 years I have been able to learn almost […]

Leora sims

[elementor-template id=”148″] Lauren  Leora Tikva Student To the Entire Family of Avigail Rock! I am beyond sorry for your loss. Avigail changed my life, she helped me have a new life. She taught me Torah, and  she taught me about life. She welcomed me into the Jewish people. She taught me how to stand up for myself.  I always trusted […]

Dvora Rotter

[elementor-template id=”148″] Dvora Rotter Student Rabbanit Dr Avigail Rock was our beloved teacher and friend. I, along with the women of Chashmonaim, was privileged to learn with her for the last ten years, and gained so much from her classes, and from her as a person. She knew so much and shared with such joy […]